FutureBase International Textile Design Contest Themes

FutureBase International Textile Design Contest Themes


Purification Emerging on cleansing, reclaiming traces from nature, and lightening... With a sustainable perspective, an environmentally friendly approach emerges with new surface proposals. Natural textures and sensations create value with a futuristic outlook. 


The sense of unity in textures, a combination of the familiar with the brand new, briefly a theme of reconciliation.... Patchwork from the old days, eclecticism of a new world's harmonies, mix and match - embracing sustainable energy with a rich and dynamic spirit. 


We are in need of a fresh perspective that aligns with future goals and aspirations in our increasingly digital world. Experimental surfaces, textures... Undefined colors, surprising materials, and the joy of creating new trends with high energy... 


How about focusing on a new energy, the energy of DENIM? Exploring new surfaces, three-dimensional effects, incredible tonalities, and unique effects... We're stepping into a new game with denim... 

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