Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to be under the age of 35 as of 01/01/2024. (Birth date of 01/01/1988 and later can participate.)

The right to study abroad award must be used within 2 years after winning the award.

You can participate in both our Futurebase International competition and our Futuretech competition with more than one file by choosing different themes.

The first application is made in the digital environment. However, if you have a sample produced, you can add its photos to your application.

21 candidates accepted to the second evaluation stage by the preliminary jury must make their designs into physical samples themselves.

However, in case of difficulties in production, support can be provided by ITHIB.

The designs of the 11 candidates who made it to the final stage will be turned into fabrics produced in industrial quality with the support of the manufacturers determined by İTHİB.

The transportation expenses of our contestants who will participate from outside the city will be covered by İTHİB.

Yes, the file should be prepared only within the framework of the determined themes.

Four different designs must be submitted in the FutureBase International competition, there is no limit in Futuretech.

If you do not make it to the final, you can get your file back.